Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Intro, Use/FAQ

Hi, I'm Camui.

This site is for manga translations. I will not be posting the raws for the translations I post here, as they are already on the internet, and some raw sites have a no reposting anywhere rule- and I generally forget where I get my raws, so you wouldn't be able to credit them >_<

-Will you translate _____?

I'll be accepting suggestions, but please don't suggest manga that has already been translated (unless it's really crappy, or missing parts). I will also not translate manga that is licensed/commercially available in English, and will take my translations off if the series becomes licensed. No adult content, i.e. smut, ecchi, hentai, yaoi, yuri, shota, loli, etc. or anything that suggests it (except as little jokes inside the manga... not the actual theme.) I have a limited knowledge of cleaning and typesetting, and might actually scanlate some manga myself when I have time (aka never, probably. Unless I flunk school or something.)

-Can I use your translations for my scanlation?

DO NOT USE MY TRANSLATIONS FOR SCANLATIONS. I will get you. rawr. D<   Ask my permission first, thanks. And if I agree to let you use my translations, please credit me as Camui from Midnight Scans, as that is my primary group.  My e-mail is

-Can I translate your English version into another language, and scanlate it?

If you want to use my translations for scanlations of a language other than English or Japanese, ask me first please. Assuming that it's not available in your language. And if it does become commercially available, please take my translation off and get another translation from somewhere.

-Will you join [us]?

No, I will not join your scanlation group, unless it's a group I read from and greatly respect, and you read my mind and I was going to join your group anyway.

  • If you manage a manga raws site, please let me know! ^^
  • In need of a transcriber, with decent knowledge of kana and kanji, to transcribe the raw into a text file. Doesn't have to be able to translate, can use transcribing programs (but check over the transcription afterwards, please!)

Some weird terms I might use:

TL= translation

PR= proofread

TS= typeset

QC= quality check