Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hey guys

Sorry, haven't been translating recently. I'll make an effort to now, though, since I'm technically on summer vacation (still have school).

In other news, many chapters of Kanojo wo Mamoru 51 no Houhou were released recently. Chapter 25 was released, viscans is still working on chapter 26. (I've translated up to chapter 29.)
Cool Snoops asked me to translate Lost Universe volume 3, which I'll start translating as soon as I finish this post. Translations for LU (and Neko Musume) will be up for grabs after CS finishes scanlating them :3

thanks for reading~!


Anonymous said...

Effort and summervacation doesn't go in hand and hand.
Good luck cuz you are gonna need it, heh.

But do not forget; You should also enjoy the vacation you can relax a little before going back to the real life and school.

Camui said...

Heh, school's when I relax.
I'm busier during summer vacation, because I take classes that condense a year's worth of study into a month, and stuff like that.