Thursday, July 29, 2010


To be honest, I haven't used scanlationshop very much. The last time I used it was ages ago. The concept is very original and creative, and I honor Stmated for creating it.

So I can't help noticing that people don't use it. Why?

I don't use it because, well, I can't. If you've ever downloaded my translations, you'll notice that I have a very (unnecessarily?) elaborate format. Scanlationshop recognizes my "panels" as "page numbers", which makes the whole program extremely hard to work with, in addition to making many features useless.
Secondly, I discovered scanlationshop long after I started translating, so I was pretty used to tabbing back and forth. It's second nature to me, and even though one of the main points of translating with scanlationshop is to put the raws and the text file on the same window... I didn't really need it. If it had some sort of (Japanese) image-to-text viewer that then automatically gives multiple translations for each word via WWWJDIC, then I would use it.
I also find the features (other than translation features) extremely complicated and hard to understand. I find Photoshop, GIMP, Pixia, etc. much easier to understand, and I don't really see why there has to be another (much more complicated) program that does exactly what other photoediting programs do. Although scanlationshop is specialized for scanlating, unless someone starts editing (from scratch) with scanlationshop, I think they'd be too used to the functions of other popular photoediting programs to fully understand this program.

While I do respect Stmated for trying so hard, and mostly succeeding, in making an awesome program, there are things I don't like that prevent me from using Scanlationshop.